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We are a small, woman owned business based in the heart of Austin, Tx.

Our focus

"To the left, to the left."
~ Beyoncé

We love to create left leaning designs, with sprinkles of music influenced merch. All our items are printed on demand. We go out of our way to ensure all our products are printed and shipped from right here in the good ol’ U.S. of A baby!

Our mission

"Wu-Tang is for the children."
~ Ol' Dirty Bastard

There’s so much right-wing, loudmouth merch out there in the universe, it was high time to join the counter revolution and create designs with a message to counter punch the Trump Admin. It’s not easy getting it in front of the people's eyeballs. Most social media outlets and google have put the kibosh on political content and merch for sale, especially that which mentions the Great Orange Ones name… grrr... We do what we can, and we appreciate the word of mouth and repeat business of our loyal fan base.

City Slogan: Keep Austin Weird

What’s it like living in Austin?

Austin is the Live Music Capital of the World. The music is what brings the two parties together, and for that we are grateful. Otherwise, Austin is a tiny blue dot of salvation on the map, surrounded by a vast sea of red, otherwise known as the great state of Texas. Currently, Governor Abbott is keeping things “interesting” alright.

Both sides of the aisle love their guns, sometimes it feels as if everybodies packin’. If you’re out and about, a heated discussion is guaranteed if you mention politics, whooo boy, and anyone sporting political apparel is bound to get both some side-eye looks, glares, AND some high fives and compliments. You just never know, so you must be bold.

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“Remember never to hate entire groups of people for their race, creed, color, or orientation.
You gotta hate people one person at a time.”
~ Janeane Garafalo

See you on the other side!
The Print Gravy Peeps